Window Treatments For Sliding Glass Doors Ideas

contemporary window treatments for sliding glass doors
Sliding glass doors always offer versatile, simple and stylish for most patio doors and large windows. They offer many advantages to a room, providing a quick access to the outside and also letting in a lot of light. Selecting a window treatment in cases involving a glass door may be challenging as you do not want to hinder the use of your door. The following are useful tips to help you treat your door.
  • Make use of tiebacks to secure curtains on the side especially on the side of the side of the door handle, to aid the function of the door.
  • Place the top treatments in a high position so that its hem won’t brush heads as people pass through
  • Use curtain panels whose length is slightly above the floor so as to always keep them clean. Use of curtain panels is an easy and quick way of treating your sliding door with both pattern and color.
  • Use of sheer panels that move with less effort and allows minimal light, hence maintaining the value of a sliding door
  • Use ring clips to weigh down on a beautiful look instead of metal rods or heavy wood. Ring clips are simple and subtle and make good hanging systems
  • Side mounted panels are decorative treatments that provide perfect for sliding doors that are used more often. They are static panels, so can be mounted in places out of reach at about a foot above the door frame, which is also a design trick that makes a low ceiling appear high.
  • Art work is another good way to treat your sliders. Bold colors and fabric with patterns make good art.
  • Use of durable fabric panels can help sliders last despite the high traffic they receive. So dress sliders with easy to clean fabrics which are also hard wearing
  • Eye catching curtains always adds visual aesthetic to curtains, drawing attention compared to ordinary doors.
  • Vertical blinds have plastic slats which hang from a rail on top, and can be tilted to allow partial, full light or none.
  • Shutters are also a good treatment to sliding doors. Whether they are narrow or wide, the louvers rotate. This helps one control light and views.
Whatever option you choose, be sure to enjoy the best of your sliding door as you control the level of light in your room and access the outdoors more easily!

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