25 Tiny Houses We Could Actually Live In

Banglo Style Tiny House Design
Let's be honest, we all see those beautiful old-fashion houses or those sleek and clean modern ones that you instantly fall in love with, but you know you can't afford. Well, here I have a cheaper solution for people with tight budgets, but who also like cute tiny houses and do not mind a smaller version of their dream home. And if you are not interested in paying a contractor to do the planning, you can do it yourself! It may your biggest DIY project you have ever done but it will probably the most satisfying too! But if that is not your cup of tea well then you can hire a contractor, while still finding satisfaction, while using a cheaper alternative to that house at the end of your street that you can not keep your eyes off of. So probably the biggest (in some cases) question is how much will it cost, it really depends on how much you're willing to spend, while still maintaining how you want your house to look. So, go for it, start building your own tiny house or have someone else do it for you and enjoy being in a new completion with the neighbor at the end of the street. tiny house for small l living

Gallery of 25 Tiny Houses We Could Actually Live In

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