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Having investment in owning your own house, it’s usually your desire to relax and enjoy the fruits of your labor. However with the rising cases of insecurity one can do so much in their houses. Installation of general security doors has been an option in the recent past; however most of them are unsightly, unappealing and offer very little protection against unwelcome visitors. With passage of time Installation of security screen doors has now gained popularity to help you keep nosy neighbors, intruders and good old fashioned stalkers at bay. This new system also ensures that the issue with pest crawling in your house through your doorway is addressed. Why Steel Security Screen Doors? With the emergence of new technology, heavy steel security doors can now be professionally installed to ensure maximum home security. You are given the option of choosing the type of security screen door that will complement the overall design of your house, either a sliding or a swinging door. Steel security doors also gives you the option of having a pets option for your pets or a peep hole in your door so as to know who exactly you are letting in your house. As expected with the durability that the steel door posses, you can be assured that you and your loved one will enjoy a safe wonderful serene environment especially with the custom made beautiful unobstructed view through your doors offering unrivaled protection. Features of Steel Security Screen Doors? If you are still yet not convinced, its time that you known the technical details that steel security doors provide. As the security screen doors seemingly look fragile, you are correct to hesitate after being given all the assurance. However it’s good for you to note that the door has been made using modern engineering techniques that ensure it has high resistance to forced entry. It is made with high tensile woven steel wire in accordance with international standards that surpasses the durability test regardless of the object used against it. It is further power coated to ensure that the stainless steel stays in place. Corrosion of the sliding door is addressed ensuring that with time it does not lose its appealing appearance. The door is further incorporated with a multi point lock system as a final icing to a great innovation that guarantees peace of mind and a great view.

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