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Roller shutter garage doors are among the neatest electric doors for garages available in vertical operation and have no internal tracking mechanism. This provides more room space in the garage driveway that is used for parking and also the space may be used for storage. A car can also be parked right up to the roller shutter doors and this will still not create any problem even if it is a large square backed 4 x 4 trucks being parked. The whole roll in most of the insulated aluminium roller shutter doors usually roll up to a size of 300mm x 300mm in positions underneath, behind and in front of the garage lintel. The recommended installation of a roller shutter door for garages is usually mounting the entire door internally giving the maximum width and height when opened. However, the aluminium roller door is able to fit in between the structural opening having an optional hood enclosure that protects the curtain and maintains its appeal. Usually the roller shutter doors have very few applications when they do not fit in and the only way to counter this is that their design is horizontal lines. Different manufacturers make their doors slightly different but the benefits that come with these roller doors are more or less the same. Benefits of Roller Shutter Garage Doors These doors are excellent in providing security due to the design of the door which is normally correctly specified. The rubber seal which is located at the bottom of the roller door prevents dust, mice, leaves and other clutter from entering the garage. The roller door is opened and closed at the push of a button. The doors are also appropriate for driveways having little or limited space because of their vertical operation. This means that there is no swinging out. The vehicle can be parked right up to the door of the garage and it will still operate. To add on the features, these doors can be found in various colours and designs and they do not have mechanisms for internal tracking. Application of Roller Shutter Garage Doors The roller shutter doors are versatile because they can be manufactured to the size that is required. As they rise vertically they can be installed behind any structural opening of a garage including archways. Also when a garage is made with a high ceiling, or the tracks are running in front of a side entrance such roller doors come in handy. Roller shutter garage doors are most appropriate for arched garage openings thus maximising the drive through height. They can also be fitted on double, triple or even more garages having multichannel remote control systems which make the opening and closing of the doors easy. These doors can also be designed with remote controls using the rolling code technology which is the latest for security. This will enable one to operate the garage door only from the transmitter. In conclusion, most roller shutter doors offer good security because the manual versions have sliding bars which lock internally into the side channels.

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