Frameless Glass Shower Doors Design

Stunning ideas design bathroom shower corner transparent glass door
Frameless shower doors are a simple but unique upgrade to the framed shower doors in the sense that they do not have the thin metal framing on the four sides of a shower door. This doors are made of smoothly polished glass material, that is strong enough not to require the metal surrounding it. Depending on your customization, a client is able to order a glassless door that contains hinges on both sides allowing the doors to open either inwards or outwards. This kind of doors are called the pivot doors. Another type is the bypass doors which are sliding sheets of glass that permit entrance into the bathroom. The frameless shower doors are artistically a notch higher above the framed glass doors, oozing an ambiance of luxury with a touch of swank to go along with the feeling of comfort in your home. The frameless shower doors are the popular doors with most property developers preferring them for their various advantages. Ease to clean glass doors is one factor that many households consider before renting or buying a home. Unlike the framed glass door that contains the metal framing, the frameless door has no impediment to its cleaning and therefore one is able to completely clean it using a rubber squeegee. With this in mind, many home owners who had a different kind of bathroom door, are now able to install these frameless glass shower doors without having to remodel their bathrooms. Time of installation varies from two and five hours depending on the customization done by the client. The satisfaction a client derives from customizing his/her own frameless door is the biggest reward attained by both parties. Many property developers are increasingly installing the frameless glass shower doors due to the value they increase of the properties. The frameless glass shower doors have the potential of opening up small bathrooms due to the lack of metallic frames.There is little maintenance (maybe the cost of cleaning the glass) since there are no frames to be replaced in case of damage. This lack of metallic frames prevents the bathroom from mold build up as there are minimal points of water collection.Frameless glass shower doors, however, have to be thicker than those framed glass doors. This heavy duty glass strengthens its to endure forces of breakage and shaking. In turn, this increases the weight of the doors and consequently the cost. Though the initial cost may be high, it is a worthwhile long term investment in your home.

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