Fiberglass Garage Doors Reviews : Pros and Cons

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Over the last few years, fiberglass garage doors have increasingly become more and more popular; thousands of homeowners are going for this option. However, if for a while you have been thinking of putting up this design in your garage, the following are the good and the bad things about this choice. One of the biggest advantages of fiberglass garage doors is their installation cost. Compared with other designs available in the market, the cost of installation is surprisingly low. The best part, just like other traditional garage door options, this option also come fully equipped with a wooden finish that is cost efficient; the finish require very minimal maintenance work. Secondly, the kind of flexibility you can net from garage doors fiberglass is simply outstanding. Being a very new technology it is extremely unique ad can effectively give you a massive amount of flexibility that has no match in the industry. As if that is not enough, these types of garage doors are very lightweight; their sturdy construction and weight make them stand out. However, despite a number of good things we can get from these designs, the also come with a number of issues. Fiberglass cannot actually keep burglars away from your home. Business premises and homes with garage doors fiberglass have over the years been targeted by thieves. This material for a garage door is extremely easy to break and enter. If you, typically, store your precious valuables in your garage, you need to go for a stronger conventional garage door design. Lack of insulation is another major problem that has always been associated with garage doors fiberglass. Fiberglass material comes with very little insulation properties; if you live in freezing areas, at times, they can just shatter like glass. Moreover, garage doors made of fiberglass tend to fade when exposed t direct sunlight. Additionally, these designs cannot withstand extremely harsh weather and climatic conditions such as high winds. They are not relatively strong and can be easily damaged by moderate storms or even by high winds.  

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