Brilliant Diy Pallet Outdoor Swimming Pool Project

Wood frame for diy swimming pool

Having our own swimming pool in the backyard is the dream of almost every person. However, the main problem is the cost to build professional pools are really high so many can’t afford it. But, no need to worried if creativity in your soul. This guy José Franco from Curitiba in Brazil came up with a brilliant diy pallet outdoor swimming pool.

Lets make our mind creative with this awesome DIY pallet outdoor swimming pool tutorial that proof can build an inspiring round above ground swimming pool with a raised wooden deck.

Diy Outdoor Pallet Swimming Pool

This guys buys a very simple and inexpensive water proof blue plastic fabric pool and sets it up in the backyard. The blue color make it nice looking in the water.

Diy swimming pool ideas from plastic pool

A raised wood frame have been built around the pool. To create the frame, you need to be a little bit creative. Right measurement is also crucial. Start from the center, the square frames have been built to cover the pool and become the backbone of deck. The frame should be strong enough as a lot of pallets will be use after this to give an external solid flooring.

Wood frame for diy swimming pool

With the frame completed, it was time for him to give an external solid flooring using pallets slats. A lot of pallet slats have been used to complete the floor part.

Pallet swimming pool diy project

To reach the pool, there are 3 stair steps installed at one corner by using more pallet slats.

Diy backyard pallet swimming pool with stairs

And the best part of all, the cost to build this amazing backyard pool is far more cheaper than professional pool but still produce a great product. This is how you can use recycle wood pallet with this brilliant ideas. You can duplicate this diy pallet ideas to create your own above ground backyard swimming pool.

Made by José Adimilson Franco


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